No Expectation

Are you living your life helping others with no expectation of anything in return?


Minimalist Weekend

This weekend we are going to start clearing out the house and we hope to start a minimalist life style. I have been looking at the and find it very interesting.

How many things in you home have you not used in days, months or even years? thinking things over I have thought of a lot of things that fit in the years column.

If you have a lot of nice things you should think about donating to a good cause.

Have a fantastic weekend!


As the kids get older and things change. It becomes very obvious how important being a dad is. I mess up everyday, but I try to learn from my mistakes and move forward. I don’t want to be my kids best friend, I want to be a mentor they can learn from and show by example. If you are am “I need more” parent your kids will see that and become like that. I’m trying to become a less is more parent. Saving is better than spending. Get a smaller house with better things inside. Find fun free things to do around your area. Become a 1 TV house. Grow a family garden. Plant a fruit tree. Just be a TRUE family unit.


Kids are heading back to school over the next month. Use this school year to see what your kids school needs and think of ways to help. Education is a family event. If your school rating is below average, try and get active and help improve the school. Teachers are in the class to guide kids and parents should be helping their kids learn what is being taught. If you don’t like what the school is teaching make it a point to be at school meetings and state why you think its wrong and provide a better solution. Become a true family unit and get involved. Start parent groups and brain-storm on ways to improve the schools in your area.

Mothers & Fathers

Kids these days are filled with music, movies and TV that tells them to disrespect others. Kids need a strong parents to guide them in the right direction. Kids are always looking at their parents and copying what they see. Do they go to Church, Pray, put their coat and shoes away, say thank you to people, hold the door for people and so on. I heard the “I want to be a billionaire” song again today. Its been playing for a very long time. My kids have listened to it over and over and it makes me sick. Greed and power can make people to do very bad things. Over 99% of famous people don’t do great things for people in need. And some of the ones that do are only helping to get their name in the press and really don’t care. Be strong parents and talk to your kids about how Hollywood is and keep your kids hearts soft. Strong parents will raise strong kids that will not give in to peer pressure and can help prevent teens and young adults from making poor choices.