Apple pulls planned Apple TV hardware revamp announcement from WWDC

BOOOOO!!! Well, I am glad Apple would pull a product that isn’t ready to make an impact. I hope all the networks holding them back don’t mess things up.

Apple pulls planned Apple TV hardware revamp announcement from WWDC.

Tivo OTA or Mini

I have been using a Tivo for over 10 years now and have seen a lot of changes. I started with a series 2 and I now have a 2 tuner Premiere and use it with a home made HDTV antenna I build out of insolation support rods and a 3″ PVC pipe. At the time I had to get the 2 tuner due to it was the only one that would receive OTA and I know I would be cutting the cord over the next year or 2. The best thing about a Tivo is the lifetime subscription, but I feel it’s over priced a little. It helps if you have an older version and get the multi-service discount, but it takes 30 months (5 months to go) to breakeven. Now that’s old in computer years and you are about due for a new unit by then. I do think the Tivo OTA has a great price, but the missing lifetime subscription makes it a NO GO for me. If I wanted to pay month to month I would get cable/satellite at the lowest tier and get the upgrades as they are available. I also like the idea of the Tivo Mini. With a one time buying price its a great option. My older Premiere isn’t compatible with the mini so it isn’t an option. I hope Tivo will look into adding the lifetime subscription to the OTA unit. That might get me to pick one up.