Amazon Prime Music

I have been using Amazon Prime for a few months now. I have to say the best feature is Prime Music. I like it because the music stations, play lists and albums are a nice change from the same group of songs the other online stations use. I just downloaded the app to listen on my Mac. It has a create a play list option that I will need to do a new post later to say now I like it. It also has a load your music to the cloud (like Apples iTunes match) that I might test out later.

I don’t know if the Prime Music is worth the $99 Prime membership, but with the free shipping on Amazon, photo cloud storage and Prime video included in the membership its hard to beat. I also feel the data use is quite a bit. I am a low data user (between .5 and .75 GB a month (don’t laugh to hard)) and using Prime Music almost doubled my usage. My family only use .95 GB a month and last month we used 3 GB’s after using Prime music for a month in the car. We used Pandora or iTunes Music before to get to the .95 GB’s.

I do have a major problem with Prime video. The lack of a kid safe home screen (Netflix has the BEST family safe home screen) I don’t like to use the service unless it is set to run before the kids come in the room.

With a few changes it could be a great bundle.

Here’s a link to try the service: Join Amazon Prime - Listen to Over a Million Songs - Start Free Trial Now