Saint of the day 20150105

05 January


John neumann was born in Bohemia on March 20, 1811. Since he had a great desire to dedicate himself to the aAmerican missions, he came to the United States as a cleric and was ordained in New York in 1836.

In 1840, he entered the Congragation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorists). He labored in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

In 1852, he was consecrated bishop of Philaldelphia. There he worked hard for the establishment of parish schools and for the erection of many parishes for the numerous immigrants.

He died on January 5, 1860; he was beatified in 1963 and canonized in 1977.

Other saints: St John Neumann (1811 – 1860)
He was born in Bohemia and studied for the priesthood. His bishop would not allow him to be ordained because he had too many priests already, and eventually he went to the United States and was ordained in New York in 1836. He was consecrated Bishop of Philadephia in 1852 and died there in 1860. See the article in Wikipedia.
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