Saint of the day 20141225

Merry Christmas!

25 December


Jesus was born in a humble stable, into a poor family. Simple shepherds were the first witnesses to this event. In this poverty heaven’s glory was made manifest. The Church never tires of singing the glory of this night:

The Virgin today brings into the world the Eternal
and the earth offers a cave to the Inaccessible.
The angels and shepherds praise him
and the magi advance with the star,
For you are born for us,
Little Child, God eternal!
(Kontakion of Romanos the Melodist)

To become a child in relation to God is the condition for entering the kingdom. For this, we must humble ourselves and become little. Even more: to become “children of God” we must be “born from above” or “born of God”. Only when Christ is formed in us will the mystery of Christmas be fulfilled in us. Christmas is the mystery of this “marvellous exchange”:

O marvellous exchange!
Man’s Creator has become man, born of the Virgin.
We have been made sharers in the divinity of Christ
who humbled himself to share our humanity.
(LH, 1 January, Antiphon I of Evening Prayer)

Catechism of the Catholic Church – Copyright © Libreria Editrice Vaticana