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What can nature teach us about the return of the Lord Jesus on the day of final judgment at the end of the world? Jesus quoted a familiar proverb to his audience: Where the body is, there the eagles (or vultures) will be gathered together. Eagles, like vultures, are attracted to carrion – the carcass of dying or dead animals. The Book of Job describes the eagle spying out its prey from afar (Job 39:29). The eagles swoop to catch their prey when the conditions are right, especially if the prey is exposed and vulnerable to a surprise attack. Severely weakened or dying prey have no chance of warding off forces that can destroy and kill. Sign of the gathering eagles and vultures What’s the point of this analogy? When the day of God’s final judgment and vindication comes, the scene and location will be obvious to all. 

Those who have rejected God and refused to believe in his Son the Lord Jesus Christ will perish on the day of judgment – just like the beasts of prey who are cut off from the land of the living. The Lord Jesus will vindicate those who have believed in him and he will reward them with everlasting joy and happiness in his kingdom. The return of the Lord Jesus at the close of this present age is certain, but the time is unknown. The Day of the Lord’s judgment and final verdict will come swiftly and unexpectedly. Jesus warns his listeners to not be caught off guard when that day arrives. It will surely come in God’s good time!

Those who accept Jesus Christ as Lord will enter his everlasting kingdom What does Jesus mean when he says that one person will be taken and another left? God judges everyone individually on how each person has  responded to his gracious mercy and invitation to accept his Son as Lord and Ruler over all. The Lord Jesus gives us personal freedom to accept or reject him as Lord and Savior. We are free to live as citizens of his kingdom or to choose for the kingdom of darkness that stands in opposition to God and his rule. No one can pass off their personal responsibility to someone else – no matter how close the ties may be in this present life. We will each have to give an account to the Judge of All for how we have accepted or rejected him as our lord and savior. The good news is that the Lord Jesus freely offers each one of us the grace, strength, and help we need to turn to him to receive pardon for our sins and healing for our minds and hearts so we can embrace his will for our lives and find the way to the Father’s home. The Lord Jesus gives us his Holy Spirit to lead and guide us in his wisdom, truth, and love. The Holy Spirit helps us to turn away from sin and rebellion and to embrace God’s way of love, righteousness, and holiness. The Lord’s warning of judgment is motivated by his love for each one of us. He does not desire the death of any one. He bids us to choose for life rather than death – for goodness and righteousness rather than sin and evil. The Day of Judgment will bring terror and disaster for those who have not heeded his warning or refused his grace and help. The Day of the Lord’s Return will be a cause for great joy and vindication for those who have put their trusted..

The choices we make now – for or against Christ – will either lead us on the path of life or death – heaven or hell God’s Day of Judgment  is a cause for great joy and reward for those who have waited with patient hope and longing for the Lord’s return in glory. The people in Noah’s time ignored the Lord’s warning of judgment because their hearts were hardened and rebellious towards God. When the great flood swept over the earth, they missed the boat, literally! Whose boat or safety net are you staking your life on – the world’s life-raft to short-lived success and happiness or to the indestructable Ark of God whose foundation is Jesus Christ and his victorious cross? Those whose hope is firmly anchored in heaven will not be disappointed when the day of final judgment comes. They rejoice even now that their names are written in heaven and they look with eager longing for the day when they will see the Lord face to face. Is your hope firmly placed in the Lord Jesus and his return in glory?

“Lord Jesus Christ, I place all my hope in you because you have redeemed the world by your death on the cross and by your victory over the grave. Help me to never lose sight of the goal of heaven that I may live each day in joyful anticipation of your return in glory.”

The following reflection is courtesy of (c) 2014. Their website is located at   SPACED OR GRACED?  

“It will be like that on the day the Son of Man is revealed.” —Luke 17:30  

Today, I visited two people who had suffered strokes. The strokes affected a part of the brain which is necessary for their memory to function. For example, if these men walked a few feet away from their homes, they might not remember how to return, even with the home in plain sight. All of us, because of our fallen nature, were stroke victims spiritually. We were confused and didn’t know if we had a home or where it was. We were “out of it” and would have stayed “out of it” (see Lk 17:26ff).

“But God is rich in mercy; because of His great love for us He brought us to life with Christ when we were dead in sin. By this favor you were saved. Both with and in Christ Jesus He raised us up and gave us a place in the heavens” (Eph 2:4-6). The Lord has given us a new nature. We need not be confused and deceived (see 2 Jn 7) anymore. By totally giving our lives to Jesus, we can walk “in the path of truth” (2 Jn 4). We will not get lost. We will be ready for Jesus’ second coming and will go home to our Father in heaven. Thank you, Jesus, for saving us!  
Prayer: Jesus, my Light, my Love, my Lord, my All! Promise: “Look out that you yourselves do not lose what you have worked for; you must receive your reward in full.” —2 Jn 8 Praise: In obedience to and by the grace of God, Maria fasts three times a week in order to bring down the strongholds of the enemy and build up the Kingdom of God (see Mt 17:21, NAB).     

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