Saving Money (updated)

Update: I have found the double edged razors are numbered each blade 1 – 4 (front and back) and if you follow 1 number a day you can get 4 shaves from 1 blade. That’s $.02 a shave.

I have just started using a double edged safety razor. I got the cheesy as seen on TV Microtouch One Razor Classic Safety Razor
. It works very well. It comes with a stand and 12 double edged blades. I would suggest it to anyone, but it has a short handle and if you have big hands you might want to look at Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor
this long handled version.

And now for the big savings. I just bought these blades for my razor. They are the Derby Extra Derby Extra Double Razor Blades, 200 Count and they cost about $.08 for each blade. I have been able to use each blade 3 times, but the 3rd use was a rough shave and I would only suggest 2 shaves ($.04 per-shave). I was using Schick Xtreme 3 Triple Blade Closeness Razors , Sensitive, 8 razors
to shave and find the safety razor MUCH better to use. I also use an after shave lotion Aveeno Active Naturals Men's After Shave 3.4 oz. (Pack of 3)
. This has worked well for me, but look around and pick one the would be best for you or the person these would deb a gift for.

I also suggest searching YouTube for how to video’s to see the best way to shave with a safety razor. I find slow strokes at a 45 degree angle works best.

Use the links to get a quick view and buy for yourself or someone you love.