I’m not a fan of political parties running our government to support their parties. They work for the people and we call the shots. Register to vote “http://registertovote.org/index.html” and have your voice heard. Get friends together and talk about the pros and cons of each person running and help each other get a better understanding of each person running. PLEASE, PLEASE don’t try and force people to vote your way. Everyone has different reasons for voting the way they do and pushing your agenda will not help them. Simple state your case and let them take it in and ask questions. Here is a link to understand the parties if you don’t understand the difference between them.


All these calls to Impeach or not to Impeach are crazy. If their are grounds to impeach then please start the process, but if their isn’t then get back on track and run the country for the people. If you want to look over a few reports I have a few links from a few site below. I tried to hit all the big news sites.

http://www.msnbc.com (website wouldn’t let me search)