Mothers & Fathers

Kids these days are filled with music, movies and TV that tells them to disrespect others. Kids need a strong parents to guide them in the right direction. Kids are always looking at their parents and copying what they see. Do they go to Church, Pray, put their coat and shoes away, say thank you to people, hold the door for people and so on. I heard the “I want to be a billionaire” song again today. Its been playing for a very long time. My kids have listened to it over and over and it makes me sick. Greed and power can make people to do very bad things. Over 99% of famous people don’t do great things for people in need. And some of the ones that do are only helping to get their name in the press and really don’t care. Be strong parents and talk to your kids about how Hollywood is and keep your kids hearts soft. Strong parents will raise strong kids that will not give in to peer pressure and can help prevent teens and young adults from making poor choices.

Hyphen America

I look at people based on how they act and little else. I feel that adding a hyphen to american adds to race discrimination. If you call someone Irish-American, that tells everyone listening that this person is different then other Americans. If we all just start calling everyone American in the US people would stop looking for the difference in people and start looking at them as a person. If everyone followed “Judge a person by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin” this world would be a much better place. There are people that gain a lot of power and make a lot of money keeping race discrimination alive.


I’m not a fan of political parties running our government to support their parties. They work for the people and we call the shots. Register to vote “” and have your voice heard. Get friends together and talk about the pros and cons of each person running and help each other get a better understanding of each person running. PLEASE, PLEASE don’t try and force people to vote your way. Everyone has different reasons for voting the way they do and pushing your agenda will not help them. Simple state your case and let them take it in and ask questions. Here is a link to understand the parties if you don’t understand the difference between them.

All these calls to Impeach or not to Impeach are crazy. If their are grounds to impeach then please start the process, but if their isn’t then get back on track and run the country for the people. If you want to look over a few reports I have a few links from a few site below. I tried to hit all the big news sites. (website wouldn’t let me search)

What a Great Weekend

I hope everyone was blessed with a great weekend. Keep your family strong and talk, play board and card games or just listen to some great music. Turn off the TV and live life!

Here is a great up and coming band everyone might like. twenty one pilots