Todays Hollywood & Music Stars

Just think about this when watching TV or listening to the radio.

Matthew 7:15-20

Jesus said to his disciples:
“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing,
but underneath are ravenous wolves.
By their fruits you will know them.
Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?
Just so, every good tree bears good fruit,
and a rotten tree bears bad fruit.
A good tree cannot bear bad fruit,
nor can a rotten tree bear good fruit.
Every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down
and thrown into the fire.
So by their fruits you will know them.”


I find it interesting that as I get older I can find beauty in just about anything. As a teen I looked at TV, music and all things famous as a guide for beauty. Over the past year or 2 I have been able to look at most people and things and see the beauty in them/it. I challenge everyone to put your smartphone on DND (silent/vibrate isn’t good enough) and take a walk somewhere and look at everything you can and find the beauty around you.


I’m glad to see a lot of comments about my post. Here is a great way to keep track of you representative. will let you find your rep and email their current voting info. Keep track and call or email your federal and state representatives monthly, weekly or daily. They work for you and EVERYONE needs to remind them of that. The people have the power to make or break their government career. Ensure they follow the law as you are expected to follow the law.


I hope everyone is getting ready for Election season in the US. Please be true to yourself and LEARN about the person(s) you are voting for. Don’t look at the letter (D, I or R) next to their name and vote. Take some time and learn about the person and don’t just believe what the news or the persons website/flyer says. Both are out to get elected or get the best person for them.

NEVER vote for a person just because a celebrity states they are the best. They make a living on lies and are able to read from a script. Vote for the best person for your family and you.

Please remember a single vote might not mean much, but 100,000 single votes could change the world.